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Embrace 💓

I stand looking in the full length uncomplementing mirror that resides in my bedroom. I'm desperately trying not to pull the reflection I see staring back at me assunder. It's an awful lot harder than I had anticipated. I've spent about 20 years tearing it apart. Not toned enough. Not thin enough. Legs not long enough. No thigh gap. Stretch marks starting from my thighs and wrapping themselves like structured grapevines around my hips and lower tummy. I colapse onto the bed. God it's all just so exhausting, I think I was about 9 when I started noticing things. I remember sports days at school, sitting cross legged in the grass with my best friend laughing about everything. We spent all our time laughing. Until I suddenly realised I was fake laughing because whilst she was blissfully unaware I was noticing how much thicker my thighs were when we sat cross legged, how her tummy didnt roll when she sat down so I quickly straightened out my legs and my tummy but kept smili…