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Anxiety and Me ❤

"It's OK,  I'm right here. Keep going, we're nearly there"... these were the words my husband said over and over again after he somehow convinced me climbing Croagh Patrick was a good idea. Beads of sweat gathered around my forehead, for the record at this point as I held on for dear life, shaking like a leaf and imagining all the worst outcomes possible - In my head I heard news bulletins "Air corp forced to rescue young woman from the top of Croagh Patrick after she shit herself and refused to climb back down".... No, I did not think this was a good idea, not even a little bit. There I was on my hands and knees trying to mask my crying by laughing, psychotic laughs involuntarily escaped my mouth ensuring the two unfortunate girls stuck directly behind us were in no doubt at this point that I was on day release from some kind of hospital and husband was my carer. This worried me, but honestly I did nothing to try convince them otherwise, I was far too …