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Grief, loss, emptiness, just some of the emotions that jump to the forefront of my mind when I focus in on death. I don't tend to focus in on death very often, this might seem like a very morbid post, it probably is. I'm probably being selfish. You see I need to write it, I need to free the thoughts from my mind, I need to let it go and get my elsa on... full fucking throttle.

11 years ago I lost my Daddy. Biologically he was my Grandad but in my heart and in his, he was my Daddy, the only one I ever knew or needed to know. He put me on a pedastal and held me there very dearly for the first 15 years of my life. He showed me love and gave me the stability that I so desperately craved. He was my safe, my constant supporter, even during those massive teenage fuck up's. He was my home. He was always there, always... Until he wasn't.

I can still recall our last moments, the vision so clear it takes my breath away, his voice, his smile, his walk... his hands, his hands alway…