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November. Sweet sweet November. Dark evenings, cold, wet weather, warm hearty soups and stews, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, comfort food, wooly jumpers and early nights... bliss.
Movitation level - Fucking. Zero.

We had a week off for midterm break last week, I was so looking forward to it, no rushing, no assignments, no study, just about enough time to recharge and have some quality time with the kids and maybe even do some housework.  Firstly, I'll take you back to the week before we broke up for midterm, Child 3's toilet training issue was well on its way to becoming a much bigger issue than it ever needed to be, after endless failed attempts I gave in, pulled the pull ups back out of the press and put them back on him, telling myself next week ill be off, I'll have more time and patience and it'll be grand. Child 3 had other ideas. Child 3 decided he didn't really need to piss... ever... even with a pull up on he was point blank refusing to go. I was at my wits …