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Ups and Downs

Hi everyone hope you've all had a lovely Sunday :-) it's unusual for me to write on a Sunday evening but I had an unexpected window of free time and so here I am. Today I want to talk about our mindsets, how powerful they are, how they can affect us in even the simplest of ways without us even knowing it, how they can trick us into thinking we are indestructible and how they can just as quickly knock the shit out of us. Adjusting your mindset to be an optimist rather than a pessimist might be the thing that saves you from yourself it's not the easiest thing to do but like everything it is most definitely possible. I talked a lot about my mindset with my councellor, over time I realised all the issues I was going through, each one had a trigger, an exact moment in time where that negative thought entered my brain buried itself deep until it started to fester, unravelling and entertwining itself around my train of thought, and well as you can imagine over time those thoughts…

Saying it Loud.

Hi everyone its Sunday and its dry out which in our house means the kids have put on coats and wellies over their pajamas and gone outside to act like hooligans in the garden affording me some quiet time..
Todays post is a little different I'm leaping backin time again (2008 to be precise) A time that for me was so conflicting of my emotions it was the year I gave birth to my first born, the year I became a mother, the year I started to believe in myself and my abilities again, but it was also the year my baby cried constantly for six months, the year I descended further and further into isolation and anxiety, the year I blamed myself for all of her pain, the year that guilt and an overwhelming feeling of helplessness swallowed me so deep it consumed me.

I've already touched on this if you've read my previous posts you'll know how I struggled during the pregnancy with worries and doubts, how I ate myself into oblivion to try to comfort myself and consequently was very …