Green Goodness 🌿

Today's post is all about getting yo greens and the benefits,
both mentally and physically!!

I've always been someone who's struggled with food, like most people I know I grew up on a diet which consisted of potatoes, mashed with either tinned peas or tinned beans and whatever meat was going on that particular evening, and god help you if you left a bit of spud on the plate I can still here my grandad scolding me about how many starving people would love that spud!! There was nothing wrong with it at the time, but in recent years we seem to have evolved, food is fast becoming one of the hottest topics out there everyone's an expert, and well, its hard to know what diet to be following and who to be listening to!!

I'm one of those people who's pretty much tried them all, diet after diet, each one as great as the next, until eventually I'd fall off whatever wagon I had been on and fall back into the comfort of starch and sugar and self loath.

You see what I didn't know at the time is the food you put into your body has an awful lot to do with how u feel, I needed a clean slate, I needed to stop focusing on the fact that my jeans didn't fit without those lovely love handles hanging out, and that well even though "thebaby" at the time was 2, if i dared to wear a fitted top, I still had a full on baby bump. No, none of that mattered, I needed to realize there was and is no quick fix. I needed to sort myself out mentally before I could even begin to dream of abs (I'm still dreaming of those abs by the way).

So I started over, I needed to acquire a taste for good wholesome food, this coming from the woman who honestly used to think she was allergic to fruit and vegetables!! (If I'm being really honest I still think I'm allergic to some fruits as they give me an awful itch at the back of my throat, but we'll get into that another day!!) Anyway, I started by trying to eat more often, no more skipping lunch and unfortunately no more chocolate for dinner!! I got in contact with an amazing inspiration of mine, Dolores Flynn, who knows nutrition like the back of her hand, she did up a plan for me and to be honest I've never looked back, its not a diet its just how I eat now, I eat to fuel my body, its taken me a couple of years but I finally get it now, I get what foods work for me, I get what foods I can have as a treat, and I get that for me personally this is what works. My moods have improved drastically, I'm not exhausted anymore, I feel motivated to get out and exercise which has its own benefits too, I'll do another post about what workouts I do down the line. If your struggling with low mood, tiredness, no motivation maybe look into what your eating, I promise you won't look back, keep it simple it doesn't need to be this big diet or protein shakes you just need to find what works for you it takes time but its so worth it!! Before I sign off I'm going to leave the recipe for a very simple veggie shake that I swear by, this has literally changed my life give it a try for a week every morning 2to 3 hours after breakfast and let me know how you feel!

You'll need;
1/2 a chopped carrot
Handful of baby spinach
2leaves of kale
Tablespoon of coconut oil
Small handful of frozen berries/raspberries
450-500ml of water

Blend until smooth, drink and shrink 😉😉

Thanks so much for reading, until tomorrow 😘

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