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The dark side

Starting this blog I wasn't sure just how much I would share, I wasn't sure if I was brave enough, strong enough to put it all out there.. Its scary (not like paranormal activity scary more like a bad haircut scary) you know you made the decision to cut your hair but you just weren't sure if you were ready for the looks and everyone's opinions but its cut now so you just have to own it. Im putting it out there, my illness, my struggles because I feel compelled to write this post, the messages I've received from people over the past few days asking for help and tips or just a chat its been overwhelming, and I want, no i need to get the message across your not on your own, none of us are.

I've struggled for as long as I can remember, two people know the full extent of my story, my husband and one of my best friends who I only told after she came to me with her experience, I'm not good at talking, I shut down, I close off, I let the thoughts inside my head dea…

Green Goodness 🌿

Today's post is all about getting yo greens and the benefits,
both mentally and physically!!

I've always been someone who's struggled with food, like most people I know I grew up on a diet which consisted of potatoes, mashed with either tinned peas or tinned beans and whatever meat was going on that particular evening, and god help you if you left a bit of spud on the plate I can still here my grandad scolding me about how many starving people would love that spud!! There was nothing wrong with it at the time, but in recent years we seem to have evolved, food is fast becoming one of the hottest topics out there everyone's an expert, and well, its hard to know what diet to be following and who to be listening to!!

I'm one of those people who's pretty much tried them all, diet after diet, each one as great as the next, until eventually I'd fall off whatever wagon I had been on and fall back into the comfort of starch and sugar and self loath.

You see what I d…
So a little bit about me.
I'm a 28 year old mum of 3, my eldest is 8, my middle divil is 4 and "the baby" is 3. I'm a married stay at home Irish mammy and have been since our first was born back in 2008. This year I'm entering into strange and unknown territory as both of our eldest will be in primary school in two weeks and "the baby" will be starting preschool, meaning there are three whole hours where I'm not going to be needed, wanted, or let's face it even missed!!

I'm nervous and excited,
I've enrolled myself to start a part time college course, the ultimate dream, simple but true for me, my little dream finally becoming a reality. As a young mother I've put a lot of things on hold, I don't regret it for a second, my children give me life, they really are my everything and I couldn't be more proud of the little people they're becoming, but a huge part of me really wants to make them proud of their mammy too.